Advanced Marathoning – Pfitzinger/Douglas

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Shave minutes off your time using the latest in science-based training for serious runners. „Advanced Marathoning“ has all the information you need to train smarter, remain injury free, and arrive on the start line ready to run the marathon of your life.

Including marathon-pace runs and tempo runs, „Advanced Marathoning“ provides only the most effective methods of training. You’ll learn how to complement your running workouts with strength, core, flexibility, and form training; implement cutting-edge nutrition and hydration strategies and recovery techniques; and taper properly to reach peak performance.

With easy-to-understand day-by-day training schedules for 18- and 12-week preparation for weekly distances of 55, 55 to 70, 70 to 85, and 85-plus miles, „Advanced Marathoning“ is simply the most comprehensive and efficient approach to marathoning. If you’re ready to achieve your personal best, this book is for you.

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