Road Racing for Serious Runners – Pfitzinger/Douglas

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This book Road Racing for Serious Runners takes a comprehensive look at training for competitive long-distance racing, containing charts, schedules and checklists to guide the runner in organizing his or her training. Runners select a goal racing distance, then learn how to prepare for success at this chosen distance by using a mix of five workouts: long runs, tempo runs, VO2 max workouts, basic speed sessions, and recovery runs. An individualized programme can be created by adjusting the training schedules provided for common race distances: 5K, 8K to 10K, 15K to half marathon, marathon, and cross country. Included with each of the five training schedules are racing tactics, mental tips, and lessons from world-class runners.

Pressestimmen über Road Racing for Serious Runners

Grounded in impeccable exercise science, this book nonetheless retains a warm, conversational tone that encourages runners of all levels of ability to keep reading beyond their specific areas of interest. The material is extremely well-organized, with charts, schedules, and checklists guiding the runner in organizing her or his training. Beyond just giving instructions, the book imparts knowledge and wisdom, teaching the performance-oriented runner to think rather than just do. (Gordon BakoulisEditor-in-ChiefRunning Times)

This book provides an excellent, comprehensive look at training for competitive long-distance racing. Coaches and athletes can use this book as an outline to prepare for competitive racing. It helps remove guesswork since it contains information on all variables affecting successful racing-from human physiology to actual nuts and bolts workouts. (Mark Conover 1988 Olympic Trials Marathon ChampionCross-country and Track Coach, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo)

Über den Autor und weitere Mitwirkende

Pete Pfitzinger is a two-time member of the U.S. men’s Olympic marathon team, a distance running coach, and an exercise physiologist. As a runner, he established himself as one of the best marathoners in U.S. history by outkicking Alberto Salazar to win the 1984 U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials. That same year he received the DeCelle award for being America’s best distance runner and was named Road Runners‘ Club of America Runner of the Year. He is also a two-time winner of the San Francisco Marathon and finished third in the 1987 New York City Marathon. As a coach, Pfitzinger has more than 18 years‘ experience, including working with distance runners at the University of Massachusetts, University of New Hampshire, and Mount Holyoke College. In his current position as an exercise physiologist, Pfitzinger specializes in working with endurance athletes. He is a contributing editor for „Running Times,“ which features his monthly column, „“The Pfitzinger Lab Report.““ His writing has also appeared in „American Health, Runner’s World, “ and „New England Runner.“ A graduate of the University of Massachusetts with an MS in exercise science, Pfitzinger currently lives in Auckland, New Zealand.Scott Douglas is a former editor-in-chief of „Running Times,“ where he continues to work as a senior writer. He has published articles in „Runner’s World, Women’s Sports & Fitness, “ and „Road Race Management.“ He is also a former editor of „Running & FitNews,“ a publication of the American Running and Fitness Association. Douglas has coauthored two books with Bill Rodgers-„Bill Rodgers‘ Lifetime Running Plan“ and „The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Jogging and Running.“ Douglas has been a competitive runner since 1979, setting personal bests of 30:48 in the 10K, 51:01 in the 10 mile, and 1:08:40 in the half-marathon. Running competitively for almost 20 years, he has kept in tune with runners who have to fit training and racing around the demands of a career. He is well-known in running circles for his former column in „Running Times,“ „“Scott Speaks,““ which focused on the concerns and cares of competitive runners. Douglas resides in Bethesda, MD.

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